And why I haven’t left

Few people may know this, but I never intended to build a career in advertising. 8 years ago, after finishing my Finance degree and travelling for half-a-year, I was simply looking for a way to make some money in order to pay for my traveling bills. I wasn’t looking for my next career move and didn’t even think about what type of industry I’d like to be involved in. I was young and full of ambition, but yet I wasn’t particularly looking to build a career — at least not at that moment. …

How to chase fulfillment from the comfort of our homes.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across this Microsoft Research about the next great disruption, which they identified as hybrid work. They used the data from Microsoft Teams, Outlook and LinkedIn to come up with interesting insights around how our behavior has changed since the beginning of the pandemic.

One statistic was particularly staggering — 41% of employees are considering leaving their current employers.

Finding moments worth celebrating

A couple of days ago, Amazon released its’ 2020 Holiday ad about a young ballerina who’s year turned out to be very different due to the pandemic. If you haven’t yet seen this beautiful piece, head over to the link below and give it a watch.

As a CrossFit athlete myself, this story resonated with me in so many ways. I started the year feeling hungry, excited and hopeful, with multiple competitions lined up throughout the year. When everything got cancelled & gyms finally closed, it felt like everything I worked for, and everything i…

And why videoconference meetings aren’t wired for this

If you’re like most people, you’re at a stage now where you’re getting more comfortable with hosting your meetings via videoconference. Zoom, Teams, Google Hangout — you name it. Although these technologies are allowing us to be more productive by minimizing travel time between each meetings, I fear that we are becoming less creative versions of ourselves. We’ve unlocked more ‘’working hours’’ in the day but have we really maximized the use of this time? How many creative ideas sparked at the water cooler or coffee machine? Have you tried hosting a…

2 skills we are all learning during this quarantine

These are strange times. Unprecedented times. We’ve been forced to stay away from our friends & family. To give up our comfortable and busy routines. We’ve been forced to postpone or cancel our short term plans. To stay home in exchange for the safety of our communities.

We’ve been forced to slow down.

At first, this idea of slowing down was scary. If I slow down, does that mean that I’m going backwards? What will happen to my physical & mental health if I do slow down? Should I be feeling…

How can advertising drive changes in our behaviour

18 weeks. It’s been 18 weeks that I’ve been able to maintain a steady fitness routine that involves working out from 6:30 to 7:30 am, 5 times per week. Throughout this fitness journey, I’ve lost weight, gained muscle mass, and noticed a significant improvement in my overall well-being. I love it. I love working out and the feeling I get after completing a workout.

It’s no surprise that fitness has gotten more and more popular over the last few years. And this morning, while walking to my car after finishing my workout…

Or how to give people a f****** good reason to follow you.

Now I am no community manager. And I am no social media expert.

But I’ve noticed a common thread amongst early-stage startups trying to grow their community: They are (all) focused on numbers.

Last summer, I met with Target’s head of community management during the Techstars program and it changed the way I see community building. The main takeaway was that building a community differs from building a crowd.

Think of it this way: a crowd is like going to your favourite music festival, while building a community…

By David Zagury

Earlier this week, while I was having my daily conversation with Siri, I asked her to remind me to call my brother. Surprisingly, there was a new option for setting reminders. Up until now, I was able to set triggers based on two variables: time and location. Apparently, I am now able to set reminders for when I get into my car — or out of it. As my phone connects to other devices (i.e. connected car), it triggers certain events, which I can then use to set useful and timely reminders.

As advertisers & marketers, serving contextual ads has…

And why failing has been the greatest source of learning

By David Zagury

Launching my very first startup was one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of my life.

After coming back to Montreal from a life-changing experience working in Israel for half-a-year, I took a leap of faith and launched my first startup called Startr. I was on a mission to change the way entrepreneurs and developers connect, by providing a simple Tinder-like mobile application. Having many business ideas and lacking the technical skills, this a problem that I’ve encountered way too many times — in Montreal and Tel Aviv.


David Zagury

Marketer, athlete, husband. I love writing about technology, advertising and fitness.

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